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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Fluidity of Hue

 If you buy a new car, one question you'll get is "what color is it?".  The lay person will identify color by a single hue, but the artist sees the fluidity of hue--how it changes on a single image depending on the location of its light source and what's being reflected onto its surface.
I found a photo of a new red Honda and sampled various areas of it. Here are the results I found.
Next, I did the same sort of sampling with a photo of a red tomato. 
In both examples, notice how the hue changes according to where it lives in shadow or not in shadow areas.  Add to that other colors it might be reflecting from its environment.  Sages of old advise us that we see what we look for.  If we're looking for red tomato, we will limit what we see.

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